When you think of software developers, you picture a group of individuals wearing glasses from the 50s with a potent mug of java in their hands, a pencil stuck behind their ear, and who speak an undiscernable 'tech-lish' language.  We can live with that.  However, concerning is that typical software developers have no real industry experience relevant to the software they were writing, and rely on others to describe requirements to them.

In fact, it is too common for actual software development to be outsourced to a firm by the visionaries who think they have come up with the 'next big thing'.  The problem with this scenario is that software developers speak a different language than the visionary, and commonly, the visionary is out of touch with real-world business protocols, requirements, and users.

Let us introduce ourselves as the exception.

We're industry veterans...and we get it.

We've been in the trenches, having more than a combined 20 years of experience in engineering, operations, manufacturing and sales, and we know what it is like to work for a growing company that struggles to keep everything organized and coordinated. 

We also know that owners and managers are control freaks and are reluctant to let go of the various spreadsheets they painstakingly manage, but at the same time, agree that maintaining them isn't the best use of their time.

We build great software.

Architecting and developing software since the 90s in both private and public sectors, we know how to build great software.  And by 'great', we're not just talking about software with lots of lines of code. We're talking about modern, visually appealing and intuitive software that not only meets the needs of businesses, but also allows owners and managers to let go of their data management responsibilities and end up with even more control and visibility.

Let's get to know each other.

We get that the decision to implement software within any organization is not easy, and we wouldn't be comfortable doing so unless we first got to know each other. 

In fact, unlike larger software firms, we have deliberately chosen not to 'commoditize' our software, but rather, to take the 'partner' approach.  We're sure you have heard this too many times in the past, but we mean it.

So, let's start the process by learning more about each other so that we can progress comfortably and productively together.

NorthBasin Energy Services Inc.

“Our business is complex, and we needed an ERP that provided flexibility and extensiveness to allow us to work within our own workflows. SynergyDesk allows for that.” - Jeff Janzen, GM

InFocus Energy Services Inc.

“The engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales modules are seamless. A fresh all-in-one solution that will grow with my business.” - Al Pearson, Partner

Arrival Oil Tools Inc.

“Having a single source that brings engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales together is exactly what we needed. SynergyDesk is an integral component of our business.” - Chris Konschuh, Eng. Mgr.