Inventory Control

From acquisition to sale or disposal, serialized to non-serialized items, and shipments to status updates and live GPS tracking, SynergyDesk manages the entire inventory life cycle with full date-sensitive, historical auditability.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Configure part numbers and bills of materials for assembly and deployment or sale. Inspect, repair, and track field performance.  Receive real-time alerts, and have full auditability of movements and activities in a single Gantt view.

Operations & Logistics

Coordinate inventory movements and job allocations, and analyze real-time MTBF history. Plan upcoming field deployments and inventory allocations, and analyze historical performance using a variety of filters on interactive maps.

Sales & Rentals

Create professional proposals using defined pricing with discount thresholds in minutes. An integrated CRM, partial deliveries, and rental asset GPS tracking make the sales and rental processes intuitive and efficient.

It’s Monday morning and engineers are busy designing the next big thing while the sales team adds activity to the operations queue and manufacturing assembles and repairs inventory. From the outside, it appears like everything is running smoothly.

From the inside, however, we know it to be a chaotic story that involves umpteen out-of-date spreadsheets, grease-stained and misplaced work orders, and a smudged whiteboard that serves as a job and inventory tracking system.

SynergyDesk is a single, integrated inventory and operations management solution that teams use to manage their function within the corporate ecosystem.

Individuals and global teams transact real-time data and coordinate their activities via guided workflows while managers maintain visibility and control from thirty-thousand feet.


NorthBasin Energy Services Inc.

“Our business is complex, and we needed an ERP that provided flexibility and extensiveness to allow us to work within our own workflows. SynergyDesk allows for that.” - Jeff Janzen, GM

InFocus Energy Services Inc.

“The engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales modules are seamless. A fresh all-in-one solution that will grow with my business.” - Al Pearson, Partner

Arrival Oil Tools Inc.

“Having a single source that brings engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales together is exactly what we needed. SynergyDesk is an integral component of our business.” - Chris Konschuh, Eng. Mgr.