SynergyDesk allows business to manage the entire life cycle of their inventory.  From engineering to manufacturing, and operations to sales, members of your organization contribute their function to SynergyDesk, with their participation in various workflows visible in real-time to others. Additionally, with the cloud-hosting option, expensive server hardware and software is not necessary, and members of your organization can collaborate in real-time and have access to critical information in any location around the world.


From part definitions to tool properties, and hierarchical bills of materials to an engineering change request workflow, engineers drive all downstream activities including assemblies and repairs. Serialization standards are also configurable, as are property enforcements such as version and revision requirements. Managers and engineers can take comfort in the fact that these foundational items are secured and controlled.

  • Create and manage a property-rich part number registry handling both serialized and non-serialized items
  • Configure bills of materials with build options and rules
  • Engineering request and approval workflow to formalize the creation of new part numbers and versions
  • Configurable views, item search and filter
  • Quick links to related inventory, outstanding requisitions, acquisition and sales history, and performance data
  • Auto-generated part numbers (optional)
  • On-the-fly MTBF analysis
  • Drag and drop product image
  • Interactive Google Map identifying deployments
  • Drag and drop documents and drawings to the cloud
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Import data via CSV


Purchasing and adding new inventory couldn’t be easier. Import existing inventory, utilize purchase requisitions and approval work flows, handle partial receipts, or add inventory directly. There are several convenient ways to add inventory to the system.

  • Purchase requisitions or direct receipts
  • Partial receipts
  • Non-inventory purchases
  • Vendor transaction history
  • Integrated RFQs (can drive purchase orders)
  • Subscribe to outstanding requisition notifications
  • Subscribe to inventory receipt notifications
  • Define purchase groups and limits, and enable purchase approval and audit workflows
  • Link purchase activity to related repairs and inspections
  • Configurable grid views for accounting analysis and reconciliations
  • Notification sent to accounting on purchase order completion
  • Intuit™ QuickBooks integration
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Outstanding requisitions reporting
  • Store related documents in the cloud
  • Barcoding

Inventory Control

SynergyDesk’s foundation is inventory control. From acquisition to sale or disposal, serialized items to non-serialized items, and shipments to status updates, an inventory item’s entire life cycle is managed by the software, with full historical auditability. Using a proprietary architecture that provides a robustness and universality that no other software allows, SynergyDesk can be implemented into any organization without the need for existing workflows, procedures, or protocols to be changed. Also, by using date-sensitive rather than object-based transactions, SynergyDesk adapts to your business, not the other way around.

  • Customizable inventory views and filters
  • Manage serialized and non-serialized inventory
  • Track non-serialized inventory batches
  • Auto-serial number option
  • Smart serial number option
  • Single view shows inventory details along with accumulated hours of use, current state and location
  • Easily view and aggregate current net book values across product lines and various other groupings
  • Material transfers and status updates
  • Single inventory profile view provides all relevant data for an individual inventory item including related purchases, field performance, transits, assemblies, inspections, repairs, depreciation, and sales
  • Integrated Gantt chart displaying a visual history of all related activities
  • Interactive Google Map identifying deployments
  • Real-time GPS asset tracking
  • Resettable serialized inventory odometers
  • Configurable 'tripometers' with operational hours or time-based alerts and notifications
  • Configure geo-fences and conditional alerts
  • Define depreciation classes and assign defaults
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Store related documents in the cloud

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Use SynergyDesk to manage your customer contacts and relationships. Neatly linked together with relevant sales transactions, performance, and repair history, each customer profile provides quick access to a complete history of transactions within the system. SynergyDesk is your single source for managing critical aspects of customer relationships and transactional details.

  • Track contacts, leads and customers
  • Assign an account manager to a customer
  • Manage customer members
  • Manage customer activities
  • Automatic activity reporting to account manager
  • Contact activity reporting
  • Easy access to related proposals, sales orders, and projects
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Import data via CSV
  • Store related documents in the cloud

Field Deployments / Performance Tracking

SynergyDesk wants to know how your tools perform in the field so that it can help you monitor and improve them. Allowing field data to be captured, along with other operational metrics, SynergyDesk hosts various intelligence and geo-matics tools for engineers and operations professionals to analyze. Being able to flag an item that nears its MTBF threshold, including both top-level assemblies and serialized sub-components, allows businesses to forecast and avoid potential tool failures.

  • Create jobs and child performance elements (run)
  • Reference to customer, location, and various job details
  • Interactive Google Map showing deployment location
  • Record performance metrics including start date, end date, operation type, depths (if applicable), hours of utilization, power section details, fluid and hydraulics details, directional details, BHA configuration, formation profiles
  • Track utilization hours for top-level assemblies and serialized sub-components
  • Detailed MTBF analysis on part number, individual or combination of serialized items, or selected runs
  • Classify Jobs by status (i.e. active, scheduled, on-hold, cancelled, etc)
  • Manage onsite resources / billable time
  • Resettable serialized inventory odometers
  • Configurable 'tripometers' with operational hours or time-based alerts and notifications
  • Assign multiple tools to each run
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Store related documents in the cloud

HSE - Health, Safety & Environment

SynergyDesk allows certifications, awards, and programs to be configured.  HSE managers update user awards and can upload scanned documents while individuals can view their certifications registry.  Users also receive automatic notifications when their awards are nearing expiry.

  • Define certifications, awards, and programs
  • Manage issuances
  • Global HSE registry for HSE managers identifies individual health statuses
  • Automated expiry notifications
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • HSE registry for individuals

Management Dashboards

On application start, SynergyDesk greets each user with a welcome screen that displays their personal work queue and task favorites, and provides access to role-secured dashboards, reports, and other critical analytics.

  • Individual dashboard widgets including work queues and active tasks
  • Interactive Google Maps
  • Visual-friendly charts and gauges

Cloud-Hosted (optional)

SynergyDesk does not require expensive hardware or database software. Likewise, no IT support is required. Zero. Being hosted in the most secure and reliable cloud platforms, clients simply install the SynergyDesk client application by way of a web link, and that's it. And since your data is hosted in the cloud, it is accessible by any of your SynergyDesk users with an internet connection. This means that your operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, for example, will be able to share necessary data and participate in workflows in real-time.

  • Cloud hosting option utilizes the Amazon Web Services platform (view service health dashboard)
  • Amazon automatically performs a full daily snapshot of your data and captures transaction logs at 5 minute intervals
  • Data restores or rollbacks can be performed
  • Clients have the option to host their database locally and files on a private FTP server

Other Benefits and Details

SynergyDesk provides a diverse functionality and feature set.  Following are additional items that may be of interest to your organization:

  • SynergyDesk is a web-installed Windows client application and runs on operating systems supported by Microsoft
  • Sixty second client installation
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data platform
  • Encrypted data connection (SSL)
  • Strong user password requirement with lockout safeguard
  • Brandable application and reports
  • On-the-fly custom reports
  • Application updates are automatically installed as they become available
  • SynergyDesk uses Microsoft's click-once deployment, and does not require administrator priviledges
  • Gantt entity relationship visuals and inventory life cycle timelines
  • Drag & drop email attachments
  • Quick and easy global search utility
  • Asyncronous data handling
  • Grid data exportable to Microsoft Excel®
  • Intuit™ QuickBooks integration
  • Auditable user session and notification logs
  • User-customizable layouts
  • Integrated training videos


SynergyDesk implements a unique approach to manufacturing, allowing the software to work within any company without disrupting existing protocols or work flows. SynergyDesk manages the complete life cycle of an inventory item from acquisition to assemblies, field performance, repairs, inspections and disassemblies, to sale or disposal. Everyone can view a real-time, customizable list of your entire inventory along with current status, location, and state information.

  • Work orders allow for the assembly, disassembly, rebuild, retargeting, and repair of inventory
  • Inspections / assembly validation / quality assurance
  • Link manufacturing activities to relevant inspections, material transits, and field performance activities
  • View relevant operating hours associated with a work order
  • Vendor management
  • Store related documents in the cloud
  • RFID (active and passive) under development
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Barcoding

Sales & Proposals

From proposals to the sale of serialized or non-serialized inventory, the sales team will see a dramatic improvement in their efficiency. Partial deliveries, packing slips, and multiple customer delivery locations make the sales process simple and intuitive.

  • Generate professional-looking proposals in minutes via pre-configured pricing and discount allowances
  • Integration of cover letters, terms and conditions, and HSE statements
  • Define global price and discount schemes for individual parts and services, with optional applicability to region and customer
  • Automatic notifications sent to account managers warning of deadlines
  • Store related documents in the cloud
  • Create hierarchical estimates (drag & drop) using historical transaction data
  • Link or convert proposals to sales orders
  • Handle inventory sales and rentals, and services
  • Partial deliveries and packing slips
  • Intuit™ QuickBooks integration
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Real-time delivery notifications to customers and internal finance personnel
  • Group or separate serialized items on packing slip


Allow individuals to record their time on a day-to-day basis using convenient calendar, Gantt, week or day views.  Each time entry can easily be assigned to a project task to which individuals have been assigned.

  • Easily accessible time entry view provides: day view, work week view, week view, month view, timeline view, and Gantt view
  • Quick-entry with drag and drop configuration
  • Color-coded time categories for easy visualization
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®

Real-time Satellite Asset Tracking

View your inventory's real-time geographical position any time with the click of a's that easy. SynergyDesk provides a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to track your assets, no matter where they are, using the latest in remote GPS location technologies. Using satellite or cellular communication, or both, you'll never lose touch with your expensive equipment again. Set geo-fences, view breadcrumb history, configure alerts, track mileage, or just get a bird's eye view of your inventory, SynergyDesk is the only inventory life cycle solution with fully-integrated real-time GPS asset location functionality.

  • Cellular or GPS-based tracking
  • Alerts include speed, odometer, start / stop conditions, arriving at or leaving a defined geo-fence, excessive acceleration, excessive deceleration, signal lost, ignition on, ignition off, antenna cut, engine trouble codes, engine periodic report, and tamper
  • Integrated management console

Project Management

Finally, a project management tool that isn’t too difficult to learn, does what really needs to be accomplished, and links to real-world data and activities. From task management to milestones, resource utilization to scheduling, and auto-notifications to costing, it only makes sense to incorporate a full-featured project management system within SynergyDesk.

  • Project dashboard and charts identify costs incurred vs. billable time and items
  • Integrated SR&ED project eligibility wizard
  • Integrated SR&ED advisory
  • Define milestones
  • Create resources and allocate members
  • Define tasks and assign to resources
  • Individuals track billable and non-billable time against the project and tasks
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Comprehensive Gantt view
  • Link to any order or activity within SynergyDesk
  • Store related documents in the cloud

Fleet Management (under development)

Use real-time GPS location and vehicle monitoring devices, along with comprehensive dispatching, and driver and vehicle management.  Set alerts and notifications for a variety of conditions for specific or groups of vehicles. Alerts include speed, odometer, start / stop conditions, arriving at or leaving a defined geo-fence, excessive acceleration, excessive deceleration, signal lost, ignition on, ignition off, antenna cut, engine trouble codes, engine periodic report, and tamper.

  • View active deployments in real-time
  • View active assignments
  • Manage vehicle profiles
  • Dispatch drivers and vehicles
  • Manage driver profiles
  • Manage warranty and maintenance details
  • Manage monitoring devices
  • Mileage and maintenance reporting
  • Real-time geo-fence and condition alerts
  • View geo-breadcrumbs
  • Policy enforcement
  • Driver advisories
  • Integrated Google Map

SR&ED (Scientific Research and Experimental Development)

SynergyDesk captures projects, activities, and costs required to support an SR&ED claim. Refund forecasting and a project eligibility wizard, coupled with a strategic alliance with an SR&ED practitioner, makes SR&ED easier than ever.

  • Integrated project eligibility wizard
  • Objective evidence background for claim preparation
  • Integrated SR&ED advisory
  • Claim calculator and forecasting

Multi-Location Support

SynergyDesk allows for the management of inventory and related activities between organization hubs, in addition to information filtering so that each business unit or entity only sees what is relevant to them. SynergyDesk handles multiple business locations and seamlessly partitions inventory and related transactions between them.

  • Assign users to regions
  • User sessions default to assigned region
  • Location-specific organization addresses, logos, and websites

Role / Group Security

SynergyDesk implements flexible and versatile role and group-based security to allow for maximum control over what users have access to and their level of authority within the system. Client administrators manage groups, user profiles, security and entity permissions, in addition to the configuration of a variety of global settings and properties.

  • Role-based security (operator, manager, and administrator)
  • Group-based entity security
  • Simplified, configurable interface for operators
  • Client administrators configure global settings, workflows, rules, and security for their organization

Google Map Integration

Use familiar Google Maps to view geo-tagged activities, including job performance details. Soon, SynergyDesk will allow you to visualize customized criteria on a Google Map with unique icons and color-coded markers.

  • Interactive and informative Google Maps identifying deployments, status, and performance information
  • Use Street View to get a first-hand look at an area of interest

Real-Time & Scheduled Notifications

SynergyDesk's powerful and flexible notifications engine works 24/7/365 to ensure that individuals stay on top of what is important to them, in real-time. Using subscriber lists, SynergyDesk can send email notifications when an event has occurred or when a defined condition has been met.

  • Assign users and groups to various notifications
  • Real-time workflow notifications
  • Morning Coffee emails that automatically update managers and users on relevant topics and conditions including but not limited to: Active Job Summary, Upcoming Job Summary, Active Tripometer Alarms, Active Purchase Order Summary, Active Proposal Summary, Active Sales Order Summary, Active Work Order Summary, CRM Activities Summary, Expiring Project Tasks, Expiring Project Tasks (As Project Manager), and Expiring Projects
  • Accessible by any smart device
  • Works with any email system

NorthBasin Energy Services Inc.

“Our business is complex, and we needed an ERP that provided flexibility and extensiveness to allow us to work within our own workflows. SynergyDesk allows for that.” - Jeff Janzen, GM

InFocus Energy Services Inc.

“The engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales modules are seamless. A fresh all-in-one solution that will grow with my business.” - Al Pearson, Partner

Arrival Oil Tools Inc.

“Having a single source that brings engineering, manufacturing, operations and sales together is exactly what we needed. SynergyDesk is an integral component of our business.” - Chris Konschuh, Eng. Mgr.